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Account Settings - Walkthrough
Account Settings - Walkthrough
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Account settings allow you to change settings for your user profile. To customize your settings, head to the dashboard on and click on the account setting tab ( please see the image below):

In doing so, you will be directed to the account settings page.

Signature: To add or modify the signature, please click this link

Email Settings: You can modify the number of emails sent per day along with the sending delay between each email. This limits the number of emails sent. This number should be lower (25-75 limit) if you have never done outreach before.

Opt-out text: To set up your opt-out mechanism, please click this link

Blacklist: To set up a blacklist who you do not want to engage with, please follow this link

Integrations: Ubico platform allows for integrations with Salesforce to push and pull data.

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