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How can I integrate Ubico with Microsoft?
How can I integrate Ubico with Microsoft?
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To whitelist Ubico in Microsoft.

  1. Sync email account with Ubico

  2. You should see an admin consent required error while syncing

  3. Select Request for permission from that dialogue box

Now your admin will need to do following steps:

To review the admin consent requests and take action:

  • Sign in to the Azure portal as one of the registered reviewers of the admin consent workflow.

  • Search for and select Azure Active Directory.

  • From the navigation menu, select Enterprise applications.

  • Under Activity, select Admin consent requests.

  • Select My Pending tab to view and act on the pending requests.

  • Select the application that is being requested from the list.

  • Review details about the request:

    • To see what permissions are being requested by the application, select Review permissions and consent.

    • To view the application details, select the App details tab.

    • To see who is requesting access and why, select the Requested by tab.

Reference from Microsoft:

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