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How to set up a Team Calendar Event
How to set up a Team Calendar Event
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This feature allows you to add a team calendar event that you can share with your sales team and/or embed it on your landing page. This functionality will allow leads/ existing customers to automatically schedule meetings with your team via a simple interface.

However, before doing so, have you gone through the checklist? You will not be able to access this feature until the following is complete.

  1. Sync your email account

  2. Ensure all team members sharing the calendar are synced

Once this is complete you can see the following steps:

Step 1. Click on “New Team Calendar Event”

Step 2. Click on the pencil icon to edit the scheduler. A pop up will open requiring you to fill in the details like the Event Info and options on how to assign bookings within the team as well as adding custom fields.

While setting up the calendar, you get the option to choose which calendar to use for booking by clicking on the drop-down menu of the assignee.

Similarly, you have the option of choosing how do you want to assign bookings within your team. You have 2 options:

  1. Round Robin: This option can be selected when you want to equally distribute the bookings within your team

  2. Maximize Availability: This option can be selected when you want to prefer a more available teammate's calendar. In this case, some calendars will get more bookings than others depending on availability

Once created, Ubico will sync up your email account's calendar & create an event for you. To preview your team calendar event, click on the eye icon. Also, you can edit the details by clicking on the pencil icon.

Important: Please note that once the calendar event is created, any teammate in the event has access to view and edit the calendar settings.

Copy Team Calendar Event embedded HTML code

To copy the team calendar event's HTML code onto your webpage, please click on the < > button, to copy the link onto your clipboard.

Note: The next step will be dependent on how you have created your website.

Step 4: Edit your website's HTML source code by pasting in the Calendar embedded HTML code into an appropriate location on your webpage.

Step 5: A simple example will look like the image below. For reference please visit Ubico's homepage

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