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How to set up a Personal Scheduler Event
How to set up a Personal Scheduler Event

Find out how to set up a simple scheduler event to connect with your network!

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This feature allows you to add a new personal calendar event that you can share in your sales emails and/or embed on your landing page.

Step 1. Click on “New Calendar Event”

Once created, our system will sync up your email address & create a calendar event for you. To view your calendar, click on the eye icon.

Your calendar details will already be synced by this point. Once shared, your client will be prompted to sign themselves in to set up a conflict-free meeting with you.

Step 2. Currently, you have settings that are predetermined by Ubico, so it is highly recommended that you personalize your settings for an ideal meeting that suits your business needs.

To edit your details, click on the pencil icon.

Step 3. Based on your preferences, you can go ahead and modify your meeting settings. We recommend that you modify the email address that your meetings will be re-directed by selecting the Calendars, your opening hours & days, time zone & meeting timelines.

Step 4. Once you personalize your meeting settings, click on the hyperlink item to copy and paste your calendar into your sales emails!

Important. We encourage you to take a look at the other support articles on how to create a shared scheduler, white-label your brand, utilize custom fields & embed your calendar link onto your landing page!

Don’t forget! This is essentially your business playground. If you want to test out the other attributes, you can always set up a mock meeting with yourself :)

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