Marking Someone as Replied

Converted a lead through LinkedIn or phone call? Here is how you remove them from the sequence.

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Convert a lead through LinkedIn, maybe a phone call? Here is how you mark them as responded in the Ubico dashboard in order for them to not receive future emails.  

This process also works when you receive a bounced email that we are not able to identify. If you are unsure if an email has been captured by our system please reach out to your account manager. 

Step 1:
Navigate to the 'Prospects' tab:

Step 2:
Search for the email or person you wish to remove from further sequences. Click on the field (email for example) you wish to filter by and the following dropdown will appear. 

Step 3:

Select the contact you want to mark as replied

Step 4:
Click on 'Yes' under Responded in the right corner

This prospect has now been removed from future communications and email sequences in Ubico. 

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