At Ubico, we believe in empowering your sales teams with all the necessary data and tools to boost performance and ultimately close interested customers and optimize your sales cycle. 

Every week, the Ubico team sends you 2 reports - Ubico Engaged Leads  on Monday & Ubico Weekly Report on Friday.

To learn more about the Ubico Engaged Leads report please click on the link below:

Similarly every week, the Ubico team sends the Ubico Weekly Report, that documents the replies generated from the ongoing campaigns.  The replies are categorized as Objection, Forwarded, Not Now and Interested with corresponding data of the contact.  
These are the other reports that you can ask your account manager to get a 360 degree view of the data that you campaigns generate:

Bounce report: A bounce happens when your email never actually got to your intended recipient. There are two types of email bounces — a soft bounce and a hard bounce. A soft bounce means that the email address is valid and was delivered to the recipients inbox, but it still bounced because the mailbox was full, the server was down, or the message was too large for the recipient’s inbox. A hard bounce happens when the email is permanently rejected because the email address is invalid or the email addresses doesn’t exist. Our system catches both hard and soft bounces.
To gain access to this data, please reach out to your account manager.
OOO report:
This report contains data points pertaining to all the Out of Office replies that your campaign generates. This contact data can be used for re-targeting in new campaigns or engagement via other channels. You can always reach out to your account manager to avail this data.

All leads report: This report contains data points of all the leads enriched and contacted in previous and ongoing campaigns. To avail this data, please reach out to your account manager.

Monthly Report:  This is a programmatically generated report that documents the campaign performance by providing visual reporting metrics such as lead generation timeline, leads heat map, funnel diagrams and conversation breakdowns. This report is great for gaining a better understanding of the efficiency of your campaign and how prospects are flowing through your communications. To gain access to this report, please reach out to your account manager.

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