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What to expect when I toggle a workflow "on"
What to expect when I toggle a workflow "on"

What happens after my workflow is toggled on?

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Once you have your workflow toggled "on" and are waiting for your workflow to start, here is what to expect. However, before doing so, have you Gone through the checklist? Prospects will not be engaged with until this is complete.

  1. Synced your email account

  2. Set your email signature

Here are the things to expect after you toggled a workflow "on"

  1. Prospect Population: Once the workflow has been toggled on, the prospect's list will be generated in the next 2 to 4 business days. You can see the number of prospects generated on the dashboard (see the image below). You can also view the prospects in the Prospects tab available on the platform's dashboard. Learn more.

    Note: There are two buttons that you can choose from- Prospecting (green) and Engagement (blue)

2. Workflow Timeline: After the prospects have populated, the email engagement will start. Make sure to review your message before that happens. You can edit the body of the messaging, do not change the subject lines as this will cause issues with sending.

3. Can I launch other workflows?: While our assistant is working with the prospects, you can launch multiple workflows targeting different ICPs at the same time. The new workflow launch will follow the same timeline for the list of prospects to generate and email engagement. Explore use cases.

4. How do I request additional data?: The Ubico team will provide you with two weekly reports, that encapsulate conversational data and engagement data generated with your prospects over the week. These weekly reports i.e, Ubico Weekly report and Ubico Engaged leads are sent to your inbox and the data insights that they provide can be leveraged in various engagement tactics by your team. For any specific or additional data that you may need, you can always reach out to your account manager requesting the same.

5. When do prospects leave the workflow and stop receiving emails?: Prospects will leave the workflow whenever they reply or request to be removed. Our system catches and classifies responses which are "Interested",  "Not Interested", "Objection", "Forwarded", "Not Now" or "Opt-Out" and stops engagement with the prospects. Apart from that if the prospects click on the Opt-out link, then the system will stop sending emails to the prospect.

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