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How to Use Custom Criteria?
How to Use Custom Criteria?
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While launching an outbound workflow on the Ubico Platform, you will run into an extremely powerful filtering tool called the Custom Criteria. You will find it on the second page of setting up a new workflow (please see the image below). There are ways to leverage this tool based on specific buying signals in the industries you want to target. Let's see how we can make full use of this powerful mechanism.

You will always have the option to not hyper-target your industry and keep your lead generation's scope broad. To do so please click on the "I don't want custom criteria" button

Important: Although an extremely powerful tool, you should know that using custom criteria will impact the lead volume, as it is based on filtering out mechanism and only generates leads based on the criteria that are mentioned by you.

Now, Custom Criteria is primarily based on "buying signals" that your industry should have, to either target specific customer segments or specific sub-industry segments.

Prior to setting up a Custom Criteria, good questions to address would be:

  1. Does my product/service adhere to a specific audience (sub-industry segment)?

  2. Is the messaging true to that audience?

  3. Will the hyper-targeting ultimately result in better open and reply rates? 

 Now, you can set up three custom criteria per workflow. Following are some examples of setting up custom criteria:

  1. Company must have requested a demo button on the webpage

  2. Company must have hired an SDR recently

  3. Company sells a certain type of product or service

Again, even though Custom Criteria is a powerful tool to hyper-target your sub-industries, one has to clearly understand the impact it has on the lead volume. Our Account Manager will reach out and validate your custom criteria to ensure the viability and effectiveness of your workflow.

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