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How to use the Engaged Lead sheet?
How to use the Engaged Lead sheet?

what is an engaged leadsheet?

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Every Monday morning, the Ubico team sends you a list of engaged leads.

These are leads that have: 

  1. Not replied to your workflow

  2. Are still active and being engaged with 

  3. Have opened your email more than twice 

The reason for this is to improve your customer touchpoint and to further familiarize your customer with your brand. You can either get in touch via Linkedin or call directly. There are many different channels to spark your customer interest. Get creative!

Now you can also get creative with the way you can use the engaged lead sheets. We might have a few tips on how to effectively leverage and organize the data by following the subsequent steps.

Managing a lot of touchpoints and leads? This google sheet will help.  

Step 1: Download the .csv file from the email you receive on Monday

Step 2: Make a copy of the google sheet template below to organize the data and import the data from the lead engagement sheet. The sample template below can be treated as a productivity tool for your sales team

  1. Upload your engaged leadsheet to the 'data loader' worksheet. 

  2. For the prospects you want to track, copy paste the emails in column 'A' of the 'data loader' into 'working sheet' column 'D', this will automatically pull the data from the data loader into the columns to the right.

This means that every week as new data is generated in the data loader you won't lose the tracking in the working sheet and touchpoints made. 

Step 3: Monitor customer touchpoints on the sheets and update the engaged leads that you receive every Monday regularly onto the sheets

With our customers, we have noticed that organizing and tracking the leads in sheets has led to better engagement rates across different channels and improved productivity in the sales teams. Ultimately resulting in better conversion rates and helps bring more revenues, after all, cultivated data is gold.

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