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How to create an Inbound Campaign?
How to create an Inbound Campaign?

how to upload your own list

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Now you've launched your campaigns on the Ubico platform and are getting fresh leads to engage with our personalized email engagement tool.

At the same time, you've been sitting on a list of old leads that are gathering dust from previous ad workflows and you feel the time is ripe to re-engage them. Well, the Ubico platform has you covered. In this article, we will explain how to upload a list of leads and start an inbound campaign. 

You can create an inbound campaign by following the subsequent steps:

Step 1 : Start by creating a new task on the Current workflow page. You will see two options on the page. To start your inbound workflow, click on the Inbound workflow button as seen below.  

Step 2 : On clicking, you will be directed to the next page (seen below). Enter a name for your list and then agree to the terms of service before  clicking on the Import file button

Step 3 : After clicking the Import File button you will land on the page where you would need to upload your list of leads (see image below) . Here you have two options to upload.
Option 1: Upload a spreadsheet that contains your leads and their details in .csv or .tsv format


Option 2: Fill in the columns manually with data that match the required fields

Step 4 : If you upload data from a spreadsheet file then you will be directed to the next page where you'd be asked to match the fields.
Note: Make sure there are no duplicate fields or else you would not be able to upload your list( see images below). Match the field to its appropriate column by clicking on the drop down menu. For example:

You will see a green tick mark after the fields are appropriately matched. 

After matching the fields. Click on the Review button

Step 5: Review the fields for any errors and press the complete button to submit the list. Doing so will direct you to the page where you would have successfully uploaded the file.

Step 6: After successfully uploading the inbound list, click on the next button to start your email sequence

Step 7: Click on the ADD CAMPAIGN STEP to get started

Step 8: Set up your email sequence and do not forget to save the sequence.

Step 9: Review your e-mail sequence and click on the Next button to finally review all the steps.

Step 10: Review the ICP name, the file uploaded and the email chain for the inbound workflow. After reviewing the details, click on the Finish button to confirm the workflow.

On completion, you can review and monitor the inbound workflow on the dashboard on for statistics and messaging.

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