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How to edit a Campaign?
How to edit a Campaign?
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Now, you have launched your workflow and are waiting for those fresh leads to come in but in the back of your head there is a bickering feeling, that maybe you could fine-tune that custom criteria to better fit your ICP - for relevant leads or alter the messaging to make the email more authentic to your audience.

The Ubico platform enables you with the feature to edit your ongoing workflow, giving you the freedom and the flexibility to optimize your workflow performance.
However, before doing so, have you Gone through the checklist:

  1. Synced your email account

  2. Launched a workflow

Looks like you have. Fantastic! Let's continue with editing the workflow

Step 1: Navigate to Workflows

Step 2: Select the workflow you want to edit and click on settings and edit as shown below

Step 3: Select the step you want to edit: Targeting or Messages and Threads

Step 4: Edit Step - Targeting
The first step here is to revisit your target profile. This includes the following steps:

  1.  You can rename your workflow according to the ICP you want to re-target 

  2.  You can revisit and review your ideal leads. For example, The ideal contact to reach out would be the Director - Sales. Also, good examples would be names of your current clientele and URLs of manual prospects 

  3. Now when we head to the next page, you can review and edit the geographies you want to target. Two good questions to ask yourself while editing would be 1) Can you offer your product/services in the confines of the geography? 2) Do you have exclusive content for the region?

  4. While editing the industry criteria, please keep in mind to not add more than 3 industries. The overall performance suffers if the workflow is not targeted.

  5. If you can't find your industry in the drop-down, reach out to support and they may be able to help you map it to an existing industry or add it as "Custom Criteria". 

  6. Similarly, you can edit the size of the company you want to target. Again, for effective targeting, not having a wide range helps  

  7. Custom Criteria is an important tool to help narrow down your search and improve targeting. You can use this for industries not often being covered or for more specific sub-industries that you want to target.

  8. Examples of Custom Criteria would include: Company has hired a web developer in the last year or Company has must have requested a demo in the webpage.

  9. You can also edit the number of contacts and the job titles you want to of the target. Typically 2 to 4 contacts per company ensures adequate account data for that company and allows for testing of multiple titles within that company.

  10. Lastly, you can edit the job titles that you want to target. Here again, you can use and edit the "Custom Job Title" to include any titles you think can improve the targeting criteria. After the edits, just click on the Update Targeting button to save your changes

Step 5: Edit Step - Messages and Threads
We follow the same steps to navigate to the page where we can edit our Messages and Threads to create a more effective email sequence.

  1. Revisit any message you want to edit by clicking on any day you want changes in

  2. Some basic guidelines to create a powerful email message would be to 1) Try to convey 1 idea per email step 2) your email should have 1 objective and a call to action that matches that objective

  3. Don't forget to save your edits by clicking on the Save Changes button after you are done editing

  4. It's important to note that there are two steps involved in saving your edits 

Step 1: First click on the save button as shown in the image below:

Step 2: After you click on the Back to Emails button, there will be a save button at the bottom of your screen. Scroll down and click on the Save button to save your edits (as shown below)

Need help writing your email copy or sequence? Click below to see copy examples or reach out to support in the bottom right-hand side for specific inquiries.  

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