Ubico helps sales and marketing teams automate the mundane tasks with the help of automation and machine learning. Below are a number of use cases, explore each one by following the associated link.

Fully Automated Outbound Sales Campaigns

Teams no longer have to find, identify, enrich or write the initial touchpoint emails to ideal buyers. Our data pipeline does all the heavy lifting letting you focus on responding and engaging with ideal leads. No data uploading, formatting or wrangling required. The result is conversations with ideal buyers directly in your inbox.

Automate Engagement with Inbound Leads 

Upload an existing list of leads, contacts, tradeshow connections or contacts you have and automate the initial interactions.

CRM Data Cleaning

Clean and standardize your records that matter most when sending. Clean variables like: "Company Name", "Title", "Website", "Industry", "First Name", "Last Name".

CRM Data Enrichment 

Based on an email or a company URL enrich with up to 44 data points including: firmographic data, demographic data and Technographic data.

CRM Customer Analysis 

Discover your next best target profile with the help of our CRM customer analysis. Given a list of customers, we put them through our data pipeline which cleans, enriches and analyses it using machine learning. The algorithm then looks for patterns and commonalities in your customer data for: fastest sales cycle, highest contract value and the type of company. The result is a new set of targeting parameters for your team to launch campaigns with.  

Partial Prospect Data Completion

Only have the company name and a title you are looking for? Have a persons linkedIn handle but nothing else? With only a few datapoints we are able to find the missing fields, enrich and make your data campaign ready for whichever use case.

Response Classification 

When campaigns launch, every reply the connected account receives is automatically categorized based on interest, lack of interest, wrong timing, opt outs and more. We also offer the ability to have your previous email conversations labelled. This allows you to better track previous campaigns, derive insights and generated reports based on how the market is reacting to your campaigns. 

Email Verification 

With our bulk email list verification you can send us a list that needs to be verified for deliverability and we will return it with the code value letting you know which emails are good to go versus the ones that should not be mailed to.

Conference Event

Going to a conference this year? Book meetings in advance by automatically reaching out to others that are also attending and make time to grab a coffee. All we need is a conference URL and the objective to get started. 

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