How the stats on the dashboard are calculated.

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The Overview tab lets you see the overall performance of your workflow.

Generated prospects

Generated prospects are the number of prospects found and enriched that match your workflow ideal targeting profile.


Contacted is the number of unique contacts contacted in workflows. As contacts begin to move on to subsequent steps this number tends to rise.

Delivery Rate

The delivery rate is calculated by taking:
the total number of bounces / total number of emails sent

Open Rate

The number of opened emails from unique contacts. The Open rate is calculated on the basis of the number of Contacted.
 total number of opens /  total number of unique contacted

Reply Rate

The number of replied contacts. The Reply rate is calculated based on the number of Contacted.
​  total number of replies / total number of unique contacted


The total number of conversations started from workflows based on the classification of the response which is "interested", "Objection", "Forwarded" or "Not Now".

Prospecting time saved

The number of manual hours saved from automating the lead generation process.

Time value saved

Amount of dollars saved from automating the lead generation process.

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