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Authenticating Gsuite With Ubico
Authenticating Gsuite With Ubico

Authenticating your Gsuite account.

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Gmail for a Google-domain requires special app permission to allow authentication.

This guide shows you how to whitelist the app so that you can connect your email to Ubico. The whole process takes under 2 minutes to complete.

Here are the steps 

1. Go to Google Admin you will need to log in using a super-admin account (see

2. Go to Security (should be a button with a shield icon)

3. Click API Controls (should be at the very bottom)

4. Click on Manage Third Party App Access

5. In App Access Control, Click on the drop-down on Configure new app. After that, click on OAuth App name or Client ID

6. In the popup configure an OAuth app, enter the OAuth Client ID of:

Ubico 1.0 :

Ubico 2.0:

7. Ensure the result is saved

From here all email account authentications for that domain will work with Ubico software.


For successful integration with the platform, please ensure SMTP & IMAP settings are enabled and you do not have any rules in place that route emails from the user's account to any other account.

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