What is Ubico?

How Ubico works, what it can do for your sales and marketing teams and what makes it different that all other options on the market.

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Ubico is a sales intelligence and email outreach platform that increases conversion rates for your sales team by automating all of the manual, repetitive outreach tasks (prospect generation, prospect cleaning and engagement) allowing your team to focus on more qualified leads. 

What can I do with Ubico?

  • Quickly test and launch outbound campaigns: Setup, define and engage with your ideal customer profile in under 5 minutes. No more manual data collection and research. Let our platform do the heavy lifting for you.  

  • Import existing Customers for 1-1 communications: Import an existing list of customers and personalize 1-1 interactions.

  • Nurture existing CRM contacts or opportunities:  Import existing CRM contacts into sequences and automate nurturing sequences. 

All campaigns launched through Ubico will automatically track replies, categorize replies and monitor opens to learn your ideal customer profile. This is done using our machine learning and NLP algorithms which are optimizing your workflows in the background. No more guessing which industry or company size fits best, let our AI do the experimentation. 

What sets Ubico apart? 

Unlike other sales engagement tools, Ubico connects the two formerly disjointed worlds of customer engagement and lead research under one workflow. Ubico finds and understands your ideal customer profile by analyzing enriched account data, workflow analytics and response types in order to find more prospects that resemble your best customers. Rather than spending hours collecting, analyzing and engaging with your lists only to lose that knowledge, Ubico makes it easy and integrated under one platform. 

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