You just created your AI assistant to find and engage with your ideal customer profile - great. Now how long do I need to wait before prospects start appearing? 

Typically, we see the first 50 prospects added within the first 2 days and up to 500 prospects can be added within a week based on the chosen targeting. This is dependant on a couple of main factors: 

  1. Constraints of the ideal customer profile created. For example, having multiple custom requirements and a very small target geography will impact lead volume. 

  2. Email verification can take longer in some instances. This is because our system performs multiple checks to ensure 95%+ deliverability rates. Your domain reputation is important and this process ensures the data we are providing is accurate and  with a reduced chance of bouncing. 

  3. You already have a lot of your total addressable markets prospect data. In some instances, you may have a large list of customers that fit the target profile you just created. Although rare, this can slow down the volume of new prospects since they are more difficult to identify and verify.  

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