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How does Ubico make my emails 100% personalized?
How does Ubico make my emails 100% personalized?

How does ubico personalize and send emails on my behalf

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Emails sent with Ubico look as if you typed them manually (This is due to how we connect with your email account):

  1. You create an email in plain text mode, which doesn’t look like a commercial email. This means no images, colours or other items you typically see in marketing automation software. (Think of those newsletters you receive all the time)

  2. Ubico offers multiple variables, like {first name}, {company}, to personalize your emails.

  3. Rather than use a generic opt out link for all emails, you have the choice of using either an opt out link or opt out text to give prospects a way of being removed from your communications. Due to our AI, we can detect when a prospect wants to be removed from a workflow based on their response. This keeps your workflows personal and compliant. 

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